Tree Canopy

Green Initiatives

Park Regis Singapore is committed to a sustainable future by adopting green practices as we play a role for a cleaner and greener environment. We take on the responsibility to build our sustainability knowledge, promote green consciousness within the organisation and champion sustainable environmental practices to do our part for Mother Earth.

Towards a Sustainable Future

Park Regis Singapore supports sustainability through the following green initiatives.

  • The hotel participates in the annual Earth Hour, a global climate change movement, by switching off the lights to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation. To pledge our support for this environmental awareness event, the hotel undertook energy-saving measure and switched off non-essential lights.
  • Recycling is an environmentally conscious effort the hotel takes to ensure that we play our part to conserve natural resources, save energy and decrease emissions of greenhouse gases. Cardboards, newspapers, papers, kitchen waste oil and plastic bottles are recycled regularly.
  • The hotel has taken on the social responsibility of energy conservation to protect our environment to fight against global warming. To reduce energy consumption, the air-conditioning default temperature at the public areas is set at 24°C, guestrooms are equipped with the keycard system for better energy management and lights in the certain public areas are controlled by timer to be switched off at specific times. The hotel also uses energy-saving light bulbs and water, gas and electrical meters are recorded daily to monitor for any spike in consumption.