Regis Room
Balcony - Regis Room
Dining Area - Regis Room
Bathroom - Regis Room


  • 1 x 特大号床
  • 可睡1-3人
  • 33平方米





  • 应要求可提供婴儿床或加床(需额外收费)
  • 飘窗沙发
  • 一张特大号床
  • 私人用餐区
  • 180度俯瞰克拉码头的壮阔视界
  • 户外座位区的专属阳台(特定客房提供)
  • 奈斯派索咖啡机
  • 额外空间可置放婴儿床或折叠床(需额外收费)
  • 迷你吧
  • 42寸液晶电视
  • 办公桌
  • 有线电视和交互式电视
  • 室内保险箱
  • 烫斗与烫衣板
  • 吹风机
  • 浴袍与拖鞋

I had the pleasure of staying at Park Regis for 68 nights during the recent lockdown and I was sad to leave. I had a suite on the top floor which was well laid out with a balcony and immaculately clean. The staff are the real stars at this hotel, they are friendly, kind, polite, sincere and there was always a smile and greeting waiting on my return. I was supplied with a roll mat and a few dumbells so I could exercise on my balcony and nothing was too much trouble. Unfortunately I never got to try the pool, gym or breakfast facilities during the lockdown.

The hotel is well located and accessible and I would highly recommend it. My thanks to all the staff that looked after me during my stay.

richielloyd67 - TripAdvisor, June 2020


  • 1 x 大号床
  • 可睡1-2人
  • 20平方米
  • 2 x 单人床
  • 可睡1-2人
  • 20平方米
  • 1 x 大号床
  • 可睡1-2人
  • 20平方米
  • 1 x 大号床
  • 可睡1-2人
  • 27平方米